A guest blog post by Mitch Armstrong. Something I often struggle with is keeping my energy levels high during my mountain biking training and races. However, since I came across OSM bars, I have never had to think twice about not having the energy to do what I love most.

Mitch Mountain Biking

Hi, my name is Mitch Armstrong. I am 15 years old from Rotorua, New Zealand. I have been mountain biking for 3 years with the last year being my most successful yet. Mountain biking to me is thrilling! Something about it allows me to be calm and focused. OSM bars have helped me to maintain my passion and love for this sport.

One of the biggest problems I faced before using OSM bars, was after riding for 1-2 hours my body started to shut down; I had no drive or energy left to continue my ride. After taking OSM Bars out with me, I found I could ride for 5-6 hours and still feel as good as I did when I started. Now, on a normal training ride I will snack on an OSM Bite while getting my bike ready. This ensures I have enough energy to start strong and keep me going for about an hour. After that I will snack on an OSM Bar with a mouthful of water, taking bites every 30 mins to keep my energy levels high and help ensure that I don’t cramp up.

Not only are OSM bars functional for my high performance demands, they are light, tasty and so easy to eat! These bars take consuming energy to the next level and are easily accessible for those who need to be eating real food, not just gels when preparing and recovering from races and training rides.

If you struggle like I once did with finding an amazing snack to keep you going when playing sports, give OSM bars a go. I can guarantee you will feel a difference!

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