THE NEW Original Craft™ Bar is the latest addition to the OSM range. It’s simple in the best possible way – 100% plant-based, with five nuts and seeds and a handful of plant power ingredients. Small batch-made and pressed into delectable handcrafted bars. Artisanal, and brimming with nature’s bounty. Including almonds, hazelnuts or peanuts (depending on flavour), cashews, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds, and other goodies including rolled oats, brown rice crisps and coconut nectar. With 47-52% nuts and seeds (again, depending on flavour) – these are a source of protein and good source of dietary fibre.

Truly Delectable

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The Original Craft Bar by OSM FAQ

What are the nutritional benefits of Craft Bar?
The Craft Bars are brimming with nuts, seeds and oats. They are 100% plant-based, and a good source of fibre and a source of protein

Is the Craft Bar nutritionally balanced like the other OSM ranges?
The Craft Bar proposition is premium, plant-based nutrition based around five nuts and seeds, rather than specific nutritional balance. With 47-52% nuts and seeds (depending on flavour) does offer a good source of fibre and a source of protein.

Why is it artisanal?
The Craft Bar is 100% plant-based, with five nuts and seeds and a handful of plant power ingredients. Small batch-made and pressed into delectable handcrafted bars  by our fantastic bakery team.

 Is it better than OSM All-Terrain Nutrition and Everyday Nutrition range?
Each of the OSM ranges serves different purposes. Craft Bar is designed as a delectable, artisanal style, plant-based everyday snack. OSM Everyday Nutrition is designed to meet the needs of everyday consumers, again plant-based, with high protein, high fibre and lower sugar. And the original OSM, All-Terrain Nutrition offers nutritional balance on the go, with energy, protein, carbohydrates, fats and fibre in equal percentages of daily intake values.

Is Craft Bar suitable for children?
Yes, the range would be suitable for children over three as part of a varied diet. We do not recommend for children under three as the bars contain varying sizes of nuts.

 Is Craft Bar a formulated food supplement?

What flavours are there?
The Craft Bars are available in two flavours: Roasted Almond, Himalayan Salt & Vanilla and Roasted Hazelnut, Sesame Seed & Chocolate.

Does Craft Bar contain any artificial sweeteners?


Does the Craft Bar contain peanuts?

Yes the Craft Bar does contain peanuts.

Does it contain any artificial colours or flavours?

Does it contain any added colours?

Are there added preservatives?
The Craft Bars are preservative free.

Is it organic?
The Craft Bars are not certified organic. However, they are made using organic agave nectar. The Roasted Hazelnut, Sesame seed & Chocolate Craft flavour includes organic cacao powder.

Do you use any local ingredients?
The Roasted Hazelnut, Sesame seed & Chocolate Craft Bar contains Canterbury hazelnuts. The hazelnuts are both grown and roasted locally.

Is it egg and dairy free?
The Craft Bars do not contain eggs or dairy. However, they are made in a facility where eggs and dairy are used in other products. So, while every step is taken to prevent cross over, it is possible that egg or dairy traces might be present.

Is it gluten-free?
No, both flavours of Craft Bar contain rolled oats which are not gluten free.

Is it vegan?
All the ingredients are plant based. However, the Craft Bars are however not certified vegan.

What’s the shelf life?
85 days from production (about three months). This is clearly marked on pack.

Where is it made?
At our family owned bakery in Christchurch.